Parallax, the Time Conspiracy and the Heretic

Hitler wants to rule the future by changing the past.
The Thousand Year Reich does not allow escape.
When a modern heretic defies the new Nazi regime there will be...trouble.

Parallax; The apparent change in position of an object due to changes in the viewer's perspective.

What if?

What if Adolph Hitler didn't die in that bunker in Berlin? What if his scientists had discovered time travel?

What if Hitler's time travelers changed the past so that the "Thousand Year Reich" could rule the future?

What if we were living under the rule of the new Nazi regime today? What if someone in that altered future invented a portal to another world?

What if you were given the chance to escape the modern Thousand Year Reich?

The dangers are many and great, you may not make it out alive.

Take the chance, take the journey with us in Parallax, the Time Conspiracy and the Heretic.

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